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MSTK EOTW #4? Yes. 4.

Well, I mentioned that I had a Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episode of the Whenever planned, but I may not have mentioned that this is, in fact a SPECIAL episode.

In fact, you can't even technically call it an "episode": were you to do so, you would, in fact, be incorrect. For, you see, what I have for you today is, in fact, a movie.

Not just any movie, nor a non-MST3K'd version of a movie once featured on the show. No, today I offer you, in its entirety (and all in ONE part, for a change!) Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie!

Yes, the folks at MST3K did produce a movie of their own, after the show's sixth season and before its seventh (and final) season on Comedy Central. However, the final product was significantly changed and influenced by the studio. A small summary of this is available at the film's Wiki page, which notes the numerous edits, adjustments, and difficulties foisted upon the filmmakers. The most notable difference is that the MST3K movie is actually quite a bit shorter than any episode of the TV series (even after subtracting commercials!)

That all said, some things DO work to the film's advantage. While the movie Mike and the Bots watch (This Island Earth is even more edited and compressed for time than the ones they typically endure for the TV series, it's actually not THAT bad by comparison. Sure, it's hokey, but it really is a damned sight easier to sit through (editing-induced continuity errors aside) than Manos: The Hands of Fate! And while the host segments are slightly dated and (being of the Mike era) not TOO funny, the higher production value is apparent. The joking through the film isn't as high quality as some episodes of the series, but is far and away funny enough to make it an enjoyable watch.

Some key moments include: any time a mutant (pronounced "mewt-ANT") is on screen, the early mockery of Joe, Cal's nebbish sidekick, and far, far more. As always, feel free to post any of your favorite moments in the comments below. And yes, I will say that every time even though NO ONE takes me up on it!

Now, enjoy the film!

PS: If you didn't already know this, clicking on the "Google Video" menu in the lower right-hand corner takes you to the movie's Google video page, where you have the option of downloading it in .mp4 format. Meaning that, if you own a video iPod, you can download the film and watch it wherever you go. I watched it while waiting in line for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, though unfortunately my time in line FAR exceeded the duration of the film. Even if you don't have a video iPod, you can download the film and watch via Quicktime/iTunes, allowing you the luxury to watch at your own pace. Enjoy!