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In my post about our LAST Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episode of the Whenever, I mentioned that the episode featuring Space Mutiny was "quite possibly my favorite episode of the series." Well, to be honest, it was ABSOLUTELY my favorite episode for a long time, with very few challenges to its crown.

Recently, however, I encountered a particularly brilliant, Joel-era episode that vies with Space Mutiny or any other episode of the show. The film featured in that episode is called Pod People, which makes sense since the film features neither pods NOR pod people of any sort. And that's about as well-thought-out as anything else appearing in the film.

The story seems to be that, originally, the filmmakers set out to create a horror film. Then, they saw how successful ET was and changed the story dramatically. Whether the completely unrelated footage (featuring an alien entirely unlike the ones shown within the actual film) comes from this previous version, or from some random movie the filmmakers found at the video store, none can say.

Judging by the obscene (8+) number of alternate titles listed at the film's IMDb page, this confusion continued even after the film's release. But the upshot is there's an utterly horrible version of SOMETHING for EVERYONE within the film. Do you like slasher films where teens go off into the woods and get picked off? Pod People does that poorly just for you! Do you like touching stories about children and misunderstood aliens? There's an inept version of that for you as well! Do you like poachers, lame rock bands, and drunk uncles? Well, you're in luck! It's ALL HERE.

Thankfully, Joel and the 'Bots were more than up for the task of ripping this film apart. While the joking throughout the film (including Crow's running "Chief? MCCLOUD!" gag) is top notch, the REAL standouts of this episode are the host segments. The two parodies of film scenes here rank as possibly the funniest bits of MST3K ever to take place outside of the theater.

Other things to watch for: the poorly dubbed child actor, a lot of fog, much mockery of New Age music, and (most of all) TRUMPY! Enjoy Pod People, and as always feel free to discuss favorite bits or anything else in the comments below!