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'A good video on YouTube...what is it?'

'It's a Web 2.0 site with an emphasis on sharing video content, but that's not important right now...'

If you caught that reference, you might know that I'm talking about the classic comedy Airplane!. Well, today the folks over at the IMDb posted a link to a YouTube video comparing Airplane! with Zero Hour, the film it most obviously parodied. I've never seen Zero Hour, though I'd heard that Airplane borrowed from it quite heavily. Now, thanks to the wonders of teh Intertuboweb, we can ALL see a well-put-together comparison of the two, gaining a new perspective on a comedy many of us grew up watching. Enjoy!

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Classy stuff!
That was new to me, thanks! Airplane! is so goofy-hilarious. The video was done well.
Yeah, I love Airplane and always have. That was back when deadpan humor was relatively new for Leslie Nielsen, before he ruined his cache with the awful string of films he made following the final Naked Gun (You know...films like Spy Hard, Wrongfully Accused, and 2001: A Space Travesty). But Airplane! had the right blend of comedic styles and a wonderful cast, and still ranks as one of my top ten comedy films of all time.