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Of potential interest...

  • Today, I received a piece of junk mail with this absurdly comical headline: "Sally the dog violate me wife twofold." Porn for bestial rape loving pirates? Where do I sign up??

  • If you've ever been interested in how once-innocent language can change to become something more...perverse, then this collection of unintentionally funny comic book panels is for you. (Thanks to Malki ! at Wondermark for linking to this earlier today)

  • Be sure to check in on the WOOT-off over at WOOT.com before it ends. (Edit: It's over, but you should still check WOOT every day...just BECAUSE) Every once in a while you'll catch a good item at a decent price, so be sure to keep checking back in. Watch the meter below the item's picture to see how many sales need to be made before the next gizmo shows up.

  • If you happen to be a videogame fan, this clip should tickle your fancy.

  • Tickling one's fancy is a very dirty sounding expression and I'm not terribly certain that I'm comfortable with it.

  • That's all for now...


you don't know how many people I BEAT OFF in order to get to you!

you gotta watch out for those bestial rape loving pirates...I hear they have scurvy..

Ya know, I feel bad for the Joker. If everyone is laughing at his 'boner', that likely means it's rather inadequate, which would sort of explain (in a Freudian way) his deviant behavior.

Perhaps all he needs is some scurvified bestial pirate rape? Let's track down Sally the dog!

I am coming to London!

Hey, I am going to be in London next week, from Thursday morning 4/5 to Tuesday Morning 4/10. I think my mom is going to have her cell with her and I think it is going to work in England so you should e-mail me with how the heck I can get in touch with you while I'm there. We really must hang out.