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Many thanks to the lovely and talented Rebecca from Skepchick and The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe for adding me to her blogroll** after today's post. Since LiveJournal offers an LJ-exclusive friends page, I cannot reciprocate by giving her a blogroll link in turn***, so hopefully this short entry will do for now. It's not the first time I've linked her blog, nor the last to be sure.

And welcome to any of you who've come over thanks to this attention. Please enjoy your stay. I'm not the most constant blogger, but I hope that what I do post here will be to your satisfaction. And comments, which have been largely lacking on this blog, are always quite welcome.

Thanks for stopping by!

**Am I the only one incapable of reading 'blogroll' without thinking of eggrolls and getting a desire for Chinese food? I CAN'T be alone on that one...

***EDIT: Apparently LJ DOES support such a feature, which has now been implemented with links to some of my preferred non-LJ blogs. Any suggestions?


haha sorry, It's been a favorite vice as of late.

But yeah, I do that...ruining christmas and all...